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SilverFile Project Management

Starting point for the SilverFile project.

Systems Administration

Area for system build-up how-tos, administration, and monitoring.

How-To Docs

Page Description
Current Administration To-Dos Current To-Do List for Systems Administration
Administration Guide Useful commands for administering the system
Server Installation How-To Installing Ubuntu and app on the server for the first time
Samba Set up and Administration Samba set up and admin merits its own wiki
Backup Methodology Backup methodology for the SilverFile system, including duplicity and rdiff-backup.

Specific System Information

No. Server Description Login Date
1 Harvey VIA Nano system. 1/15/09

Hardware Research

Page Description
NAS Systems Miscellaneous components (HDD, cases, etc.) for our eventual NAS box.
Via Systems Proposed systems based on the Via chip, that provide slightly less powerful chips than Intel, but with full on-chip crypto support.
Atom Systems Proposed systems based on the Intel Atom chip, that provide a full x86 server, with low power draw and small form factor.
Qnap Optware Guide to the Optware package manager on the Qnap TS-109. Use this to install normal packages like Python, Ruby (with Rails), other web servers, etc.

Application Development

A separate trac wiki has been created for the SilverFile application.

Development - General Notes

Page Description
To Do's Working list of items to do.
Roadmap Software development roadmap.
Python Our Python style guide.
Django Django with Python.
Rails Ruby on Rails.

Project Contacts