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     1= Trac Ticket Batch Modification =
     4Trac supports modifying a batch of tickets in one request from [TracQuery custom query] results. The Batch Modify functionality only appears on Query pages (/query), not Report pages (/report). You must have !JavaScript enabled in your browser.
     6To perform a batch modification, select the tickets you wish to modify and set the new field values using the section underneath the query results.
     8== List fields
     10The `Keywords` and `Cc` fields are treated as lists, where list items can be added and/or removed, as well as replacing the entire list value. All list field controls accept multiple items, such as multiple keywords or cc addresses.
     12== Excluded fields
     14Multi-line text fields are not supported, because no valid use-case has been presented for syncing them across several tickets. That restriction applies to the `Description` field as well as to any [TracTicketsCustomFields#AvailableFieldTypesandOptions custom field] of type 'textarea'. However, future versions of Trac could support batch modification of textareas in conjunction with more suitable actions like 'prepend', 'append' or 'search & replace' ([trac:#11197]).